Flippr Node

What's a node?

The way your wallet interacts with the Ethereum network is through the use of an Ethereum node.
An Ethereum node is a member of the Ethereum network and shares the responsibility of validating and submitting transactions. Collectively, all Ethereum nodes make up the Ethereum network, and each one shares the responsibility of validating the current state of the blockchain.

What's Flippr Node?

Flippr Node is an Ethereum node reserved exclusively for the use of our Access Pass holders. The primary advantage of using our node over the Metamask default (Infura) is speed. Your transactions won't be sitting in a pool with thousands of others waiting to be submitted to the blockchain mempool. This makes a huge different during hyped NFT drops - if two transactions get submitted at the same time with the same gas settings, where one is using the Flippr Node and the other isn't, the former will be included in the blockchain first.

How do I use Flippr Node?

Flippr Node is integrated natively into our desktop utility app, Flippr Minter. No additional setup is required.
To use Flippr Node in Metamask, follow the Flippr Node Setup tutorial.