How to Make Money with Flippr

This guide will walk you through the top 5 methods of making money with utility included by holding a Flippr Access Pass. Whilst no tool can guarantee success, holding an Access Pass will equip you with a valuable arsenal to maximize potential gains whatever the market sentiment.

Auto Minting

The easiest way to maximize your potential gains on a hyped NFT drop is to get in on the ground floor. Flippr Minter makes this easy by allowing you to schedule transactions ahead of time with the confidence that the moment a mint goes live, you transaction will be sent to the blockchain. With pre-configurable gas settings you can win gas wars with ease and secure hyped drops. You Flippr Minter wallet can be imported into Metamask to allow for immediate reselling on third party marketplaces, reducing time between minting and flipping.

Mass Bidding

Bear market who? Mass bidding is a tool integrated natively into Flippr Minter that allows you to programmatically place bids on an entire OpenSea collection at a specified offering price with a specified expiration date. The power from mass bidding comes from offering bids below the floor price. Desperate buyers accept these bids (they pay gas!) and you're rewarded with a discounted NFT, which can then be flipped at the floor price for immediate gains.
Mass Bidding works best on larger collections with sustained volume and a history of bid acceptance. Make sure to scout out collections and do an amount of due diligence ahead of time to maximize your success rate.

Flippr Node

There's nothing worse than service outages during crucial moments in the Web3 space - whether it be a hyped drop or an anticipated reveal. Flippr Node gives you options - if Infura (MetaMask's default Web3 provider) goes down, you'll be unaffected, leaving you as one of the few Web3 participants still able to communicate with the blockchain.
Additionally, with nodes on 3 continents, your latency to Flippr Node is most likely lower than other providers. If two transactions get submitted to the blockchain at the same time with the same gas, the user with the lowest latency to their node gets their transaction included first.
Flippr Node is natively integrated with Flippr Minter, eliminating setup and maximizing reliability.

Quick Buy

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Seen an underpriced token? Want to pounce on the opportunity before somebody else does? Our OpenSea quick buy implementation allows you to preset your gas profile ahead of time, and bypass OpenSea's checkout flow. Go from spotting to owning in a matter of seconds.
What's more, our Batch Buy allows you to trigger quick buy on multiple items at once, queuing them for approval in your wallet.

Flippr Analytics

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Time your exit perfectly with Flippr Analytics. With near real time sales data from all indexed collections, Flippr Analytics displays scatter plots allowing you to time exits when a collection loses momentum. Additionally, through our Chrome extension handy analytical data is available at just a click away, regardless of whether the collection has been indexed by Flippr.
Flippr Analytics takes the guess work out of determining a project's direction and allows you to view historical data in a convinient, centralized location.

BONUS: Flippr Marketplace

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By holding a Flippr Access Pass, you'll earn $FLIP, which can be redeemed on our marketplace for instant whitelist spots with partnered projects, free mints, NFTs from our vault and more. The Flippr Marketplace will grant Flippr holders access to hyped mints without any additional effort - just accumulate $FLIP and redeem it when something takes your fancy.
What's more, $FLIP is offchain, so you won't have to spend any gas to make purchases. You're rewarded just for being a member of the Flippr Community.