Getting Started with Flippr

Starting off in the Flippr ecosystem? This guide will get you familiar with our utility.

Download the Flippr Chrome Extension

The Flippr Chrome extension is your gateway into the Flippr ecosytem. It handles browser integrated utility - like OpenSea integration, as well as providing personalized links to access Flippr Node and a plethora of other utility.
To download the Flippr Chrome extension, navigate to our website and click "Download". You'll be redirected to the Chrome webstore listing for Flippr. Click "Add to Chrome".
Once Flippr is installed, pin it to your extension bar for easy access. Click on Flippr, and you'll be invited to login by signing a message with your Metamask wallet that holds your Access Pass. Note: this is just a signature request that lets us confirm cryptographically that you own the wallet in question. We then verify you own an Access Pass and grant your access to Flippr.

Connect to Flippr Node

Follow our handy setup tutorial for connecting Metamask to Flippr Node.

Download Flippr Minter

Your Access Pass includes complimentary access to Flippr Minter, our desktop application for handling automatic transactions (i.e. mints) and mass bidding.
To download Flippr Minter, click "Minter" at the top of the Flippr Chrome Extension landing page. If you're on Windows, you'll see a prompt alerting you that Flippr Minter isn't code signed, and that some browsers may incorrectly report Flippr Minter as potentially malicious. If you're comfortable to download Flippr Minter, click "Ok, continue".
Follow our How to Install Flippr Minter guide from here.

Viewing Collection Statistics

To view the statistics for an indexed OpenSea collection, simply navigate to the collection on OpenSea and a toast will appear in the top right corner. Click it and you'll be navigated to the Flippr Analytics page for that collection.
Alternatively, open the Flippr Chrome extension to see both handy statistics onhand without having to navigate away to a separate page. Click the "Analytics" button at the top if you wish to view more detailed analytics in Flippr Analytics.

Mass Bidding on OpenSea Collections

As a reminder, you'll need to apply for your own OpenSea API key to use our mass bidding functionality, due to restrictions OpenSea imposes on programmatic order submission.
To begin mass bidding on an OpenSea collection, follow our tutorial here.


As you navigate through the Flippr Chrome Extension you'll find options to setup monitors, configure your quick buy gas presets, use our direct contract interaction tool and more.
If you need a hand or have any questions, open a ticket in our Discord server. We're happy to help.