How to Schedule Automatic Transactions (e.g. mints)

Learn how to automate mints and other transactions with Flippr Minter.
A video demonstrating how to schedule transactions with Flippr Minter

Create a Scheduled Transaction

Step 1: Locate and copy the address of the contract for the project you want to create a transaction for.
Step 2: Click the + button next to "Contracts" on the Flippr Minter main page.
Step 3: Paste in the contract address and give the contract a name. The name doesn't matter, it's just to help you keep track of which contract is which. Click "Save".
Step 4: Once the contract has saved you can click "+TX" to create a new scheduled transaction.
Step 5: Choose the function you wish for this transaction to call. For most contracts, this will be something like "Mint" or "publicMint".
Step 6: Set the transaction parameters. This will vary from contract to contract.
Step 7: Select you gas preference. If you wish for Flippr Minter to automatically determine the gas settings to use when it sends the transaction, leave the box checked. Otherwise, uncheck the box and fill out your preferred gas settings.
Step 8: Choose the contract execution time. This is the time you wish for the transaction to execute in your current timezone. If you move timezone after scheduling the transaction Flippr Minter will automatically adjust.
Step 9: Save the transaction. It should automatically appear on the right.