How to Mass Bid on a Collection

Learn how to bid on every item in an OpenSea collection automatically.
A demonstration of how to bid on an entire collection using Flippr Minter

Bid on an OpenSea collection

To use the Flippr Minter Mass Bidder you need your own OpenSea API key. They're easy to apply for and you should get a key within 48 hours (in our experience). Apply here.
Step 0: Find your Flippr Minter wallet with sufficient WETH to bid, and enough ETH for the first time token approval.
Step 1: Grab the slug of the OpenSea collection you wish to bid on. When you view a collection on OpenSea, this is the part after collection/{slug}.
Step 2: Click on the Mass Bidder icon in the top right of Flippr Minter.
Step 3: Enter the collection slug, your bid price, you API key, your preferred bid expiration and whether you wish to bid on the whole collection.
Note: If you don't bid on the whole collection but instead choose to bid between a range of items the collection's item IDs must be sequential, i.e. 1,2,3,... etc.
Step 4: Click "Start Bidding". A black terminal should appear. It may take a few seconds to start (up to a minute on your first run).
You are now auto bidding. Leave that terminal open in the background and Flippr Minter will bid on every item specified.
If you wish to stop bidding, simply close the terminal.