How to Install Flippr Minter

This tutorial will walk you through how to install Flippr Minter.
A video demonstrating how to install and setup Flippr Minter

Setup Guide

Step 1: Open the Flippr Chrome extension and click the "Minter" button at the top. The extension will automatically begin downloading the latest version of Flippr Minter for your platform.
Step 2: Run the installer. Depending on your platform this step will vary but it should be similar to the process of installing other software.
Step 3: Open Flippr Minter. You will be presented with our welcome page which will guide you through the setup. Click "Login".
Step 4: Your browser will open a link for you to grant Flippr Minter access to your Flippr account. Click "Allow" and Flippr Minter will be authorized.
Step 5: Return to Flippr Minter and click "Create Wallet". You'll be prompted to enter a password which will encrypt your wallet. Choose a secure one that you won't forget.
Step 6: Save your seed phrase someplace safe. Click "Start App".
Flippr Minter is now setup and ready for use. Flippr Minter is natively integrated with Flippr Node so you enjoy quick transactions right out of the box.

Next Steps

We highly recommend importing your Flippr Minter wallet into Metamask so you can interact with sites like OpenSea to list items (i.e. flips from bids) and wrap eth. To do this, follow the steps below.
Step 1: Click "Settings" in the top right.
Step 2: Click "Copy Private Key".
Step 3: Open Metamask, click on the account changer in the top right, and click "Import Account".
Step 4: Paste your private key. You can now use your Flippr Minter wallet like you would any other Metamask account.
Note: If you have to recover your MetaMask account from its seed phrase your Flippr Minter wallet will not reimport. You need to use your Flippr Minter seed phrase to recover your Flippr Minter wallet.